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Everyone should be aware that if you contact your typical travel agent, you probably WON'T get the lowest price available on a given flight. Airlines HATE empty seats, they would rather sell a seat at cost than see it go empty, especially on a long international flight. This is where CONSOLIDATORS come in. Airlines sell blocks of tickets to these agencies for very low prices. But try to find a consolidator anyplace but in a big city and you're out of luck. If you live in a big city (LA, NYC, BOSTON, etc.) try the Sunday travel section of your local newspaper for ads, typically small, advertising special rates. You can find out all about consolidators by reading the article below, originally published in "Consumer Reports Travel Letter". These are HUGE .gif files!


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wpe1.jpg (3821 bytes) If you are trying to buy a ONE WAY fare from the Philippines to anywhere, you run into a Philippine law that states all travel ORIGINATING in the Philippines MUST be ticketed there. By using an agent with offices in the USA and the Philippines you avoid the problem. Cyber Air is one such agent. We used them for Sherly's ticket. Prices were reasonable and service excellent. Tell them Bill and Sherly sent you!