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New Pictures, FINALLY!


bs1.jpg (21364 bytes)
Wedding Day,
March, 2000
bs2.jpg (32299 bytes)
Best Man, Patrick Vito
Maid of Honor, Rose Vito
wedding4.jpg (39012 bytes)
A Toast to US!

niagara2000.jpg (81012 bytes)
Niagara Falls, 2000
bs8.jpg (44794 bytes)
Sherly at the Lilac Festival, Rochester, NY
bs9.jpg (71998 bytes)

bs10.jpg (52844 bytes)
bs11.jpg (40587 bytes)
Also Sweet.
bs12.jpg (53541 bytes)
and Colorful!
bs13.jpg (66892 bytes)
Taking a Break...
bs14.jpg (63025 bytes)
Happy Together.
paward15.jpg (31284 bytes)
Vanessa Wins The
President's Award!!!
wg1.jpg (56717 bytes)
Camping @ Watkins
Glenn, Summer '01
grumpy7.jpg (36190 bytes)
I Don't Wanna Get
Up, Daddy!!!
wg2.jpg (37363 bytes)
Girls Just Wanna Have
Toasted Marshmallows
For Breakfast???
wg3.jpg (44374 bytes)
Posing for the Camera.
wg5.jpg (45377 bytes)
Under the Falls.
wg6.jpg (35042 bytes)
Okay. Can We Go
Shopping Yet?


bs5.jpg (31298 bytes)
Christmas, 2001
bs4.jpg (49120 bytes)
Times Square, NYC
Dec. 26, 200
bs6.jpg (16463 bytes)
bs7.jpg (36207 bytes)
On Top of the World,
Empire State Building, 12/2001
bs3.jpg (32709 bytes)
Happy, but COLD!!!
dsc_002.jpg (66778 bytes)
Our Mighty Steed.
dsc_003.jpg (71020 bytes)
Home Sweet Home.
    dsc_011.jpg (60393 bytes)
Glamour Girls!