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    Yep, there's free stuff out there, and I can tell you where to find the best.

Let's start with a free browser:

Neoplanet 5.0 (you must have Micosoft IE 4 or better already installed)

    Neoplanet basically gives IE a new face... in fact, a lot of new faces, over 300! You can change the look and feel just by downloading new skins. Neoplanet will also let you CRUSH those nasty and annoying little pop-up windows!

And then lets get the best streaming media software out there:

RealPlayer G2

    RealPlayer G2 will let you listen to streaming audio and video from the internet. And don't forget to download the RealJukebox, too, and play your CD's and MP3's with it!

Okay, now you've got a free browser and media players.

What could be better than that?

How a bout FREE unlimited internet access?

Altavista FreeAccess

   Altavista's FreeAccess connects you to the net and displays a changing banner ad on your screen with a "power meter". You must visit one of their advertisers occasionally to charge your power meter, or you will be disconnected. A very small download, only about 700 kb!


    NetZero is similar to Altavista, but also gives you FREE Email, too. Unfortunatly, it's a rather large download, over 2 mb!


More to come... stop back soon!