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Screw the phone company... Hehehe!

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How to make phone calls for CHEAP or FREE!

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Sherly and I manage to keep in contact regularly. We send Email EVERY day. Email is nice, but no substitute for a simple phone call. But... I would go broke calling the Philippines all the time at typical "discount rates".

What are you paying for long distance to the Philippines?

    Too much, I am sure! If you're a typical AT&T or MCI customer, here's the best deal they will give you...

    I have been searching for a better way, a cheaper way, to make a phone call. I tried everything, I think... I played the "BIG 3" phone companies off each other. I got rates as low as $.46 a minute... BUT, only for a limited time (6 months) and then there are those annoying dinnertime calls as each company tries to win you back. I tried phone cards, which had some problems, too. A card cost $20, at a rate of only $.17 a minute! BUT, there is a flat $3 "connect fee" for aech call. So you could talk over 100 minutes for $20 in ONE call, but if you split it into 4 calls, they were only 15 minutes long. That makes you per-minute cost OVER $.30 a minute. There's a lot of other problems with calling cards, too... you call an 800- number, enter your PIN#, and then the international phone #. You have dialed over 30 digits for one call! And if there is a problem, you call customer service, wait on hold, and then MAYBE they will credit your account. I even tried NET2PHONE,   making calls from my computer to her phone using the internet at around $.30 a minute, but found the service to the Philippines to be poor quality (it's okay for domestic long distance)

Then... I found a cheaper and easier way!

   The woman I got my calling cards from wrote me, and told me she was getting out of  calling cards... But also told me a bout this great deal...

$2.99 for the first 10 minutes and then just $.29 a minute after that!

And it's easy, too... just dial...  10-10-220 and then the full international phone number.

    You will be billed on your local phone bill, at $ 2.99 for up to 10 minutes, then just $ .29 for each additional minute, and a federal tax. SIMPLE! EASY! You could make a 10 minute phone call every week for about $12 a month. Without a special deal from your long distance carrier, you could pay that much for ONE 12 minute call!

Need more information?

Visit their web page:

Tip: Use the speed dial on your phone to store 10-10-220, or use windows dialer.exe to store 10-10-220 plus the number. 10-10-220 plus an international number is too large for most phones to deal with, but window's dialer will!



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Yes, you can call ANYONE in the USA FOR FREE if you have...

  1. A pentium class computer
  2. A fast modem (28.8 or better)
  3. A soundcard with microphone and speakers
  4. A Java- enabled browser... MSIE 4.0 +  works, as does Netscape 4.0 or better


And call from your computer to any phone in the USA...